Running Your Cafe's Successfully

Creative Ways To Earn More From Your Cafe Other Than Serving Food

Cafes are popping out every now and then. People are looking at opening cafes with their favourite themes and hoping to attract tons of customers to their cafe, bringing them lots of businesses day in day out.


Okay. that’s not going to happen. To be really honest, it can be really hard to get customers into your cafes, filling up all the seats at every hour. Now, even if there are lots of customers, will you be profitable? Because not everyone who come into your cafe will spend enough to cover your rent!

So, what can you do to increase your revenue of your cafe?

Here are some ideas for you:

1) Corporate Events

So you have a cafe space. You can either wait for 1 customer to come in one by one… or you can get 30 people to patronise your cafe all at the same time! That means using your cafe as a venue for corporate events!

Corporate events such as birthday parties, Management meetings, Casual meetings, business presentations, company talks, and more. If your space is big enough, you can even have companies doing presentation skills training there!

With corporate events, you can earn slightly more. What’s better, you can get people to come your store, at those low-peak hours of 2pm to 6pm. These are the timings where people are at work, and not at cafes. Use this period to make some money with corporate events!

2) Enrichment classes

Similar to corporate events, enrichment classes are for kids! Now, don’t laugh that kids are not your target audience for your cafe food. Yes, they may not be interested in drinking gourmet coffee. But they may like your venue!

What’s more, there are many educational centres, like some math tuition centres at Bishan, always looking for avenues to bring their children to learn out of the textbook. It is one thing to just memorise facts in books, the Singapore Way, and it is another to let the kids experience learning on their own. With a big venue like your cafe, you can rent them out to these educational centres for their classes

3) Food Classes

Hey, you run a cafe serving awesome food right? Why not hold classes for interested people to learn how to make awesome food that you served at your cafe? Whatever food that people buy from you, there will certainly be a group of people who like to make them. Given that you have your chef in house making the cakes, why not take some extra time, earn extra money, by teaching them how to make their own cakes? You will be surprised. There will be lots of people willing to learn from you!

So there you go!

Running a cafe business is not easy. Given the high rental in Singapore, plus tons of new cafes popping up, you are going to face lots of competition. But with the 3 ideas above, you can surely win more than others!

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Increasing the Sales of Your Cafe

Image result for Sales of Your Cafe

Take a look at the cafe that you have worked hard to put up. Do you think that there is still a need for you to make more changes with your current cafe? If you would will yourself to do so, you will find other reasons to improve the sales of your cafe. When you make some changes, there is a bigger possibility that you will reach more customers. These customers may like the changes that you have made and become regulars in your cafe.

If you would truly like to implement these changes, you need to make sure that you will focus 100% on it. If there are some aspects of your life that would need more attention like finding a guitar teacher in Singapore for your child, then perhaps you should finish with that first before you can make further decisions. To make it easier for you, double check guitar classes with The Happy Guitarist.

Once you have already settled how you are going to make sure that your child will get proper guitar lessons with the right company, that is the time when you can already focus on your cafe and the different things that you can do to improve your sales further. Learn more details about expanding your coffee shop when you check this out:

  • Take a look at your current menu.

You know that your coffee is mostly directed towards coffee drinkers so you would like to make sure that you are going to offer other things that will be more beneficial for your customers. In order to improve your menu, you can add some salads, sandwiches and even wraps. This will make people find food to order with their coffee and other beverages.

  • Formulate a loyalty program for your customers.

Do you know why there are some coffee shops that are more popular than others? It is because they do their best to reach our to their customers. They do their best to make sure that they will offer some loyalty cards to their customers. This will make customers more likely to come back to the coffee shops especially they generally like what you are offering.

  • Have some events hosted.

There are times when you would like to be the host of some events so that your coffee shop will become noticed more. You may invite some acoustic bands to play in your own cafe. You may also do poetry reading as well as have other events that can only be available at your cafe. This will allow your cafe to be noticed more.

With all of these things that are mentioned above, you can surely improve your cafe and make people more likely to check it out.

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Should You Invest in Condos?

Do you know about this fantastic blog about condo investments? The actual blogpost can be read here. If you like to know about new condo Grandeur Park, then dont wait, just read on.

Grandeur Park Residences is the latest up and coming private property project in Tanah Merah. As the news and publicity is not on a mass scale yet, if you read this article, great! If you are looking to invest in a property project and reap good returns, then read on.

Tanah Merah has been a sweet location for many private property projects and it is a favorite place by many property investors. If you have missed out many investment opportunities in Tanah Merah projects, then this is the opportunity you must not missed.

Here’s why Grandeur Park Residences is highly favored by investors.

1) Close to Tanah Merah MRT

Needless to say, you know that any property project close to MRT stations are highly popular and favoured by tenants. With close distance to MRT, anyone who stay near there can travel around easily, and with Singapore’s MRT network, it is easy to go anywhere with the MRT.

Plus, Tanah Merah is not just another MRT station. It is more like an ‘interchange of MRT station’. Tanah Merah is connected to the Expo and Changi Airport Station. When I say Expo, I’m not talking about having a lot of people visiting exhibitions at Expo. I’m referring to Changi Business Park which is just beside Expo MRT station. With Changi Business Park, you can expect your property unit at Grandeur Park to be in high demand by expats or professionals looking for a stay near their workplace.

2) Close to Famous Schools

Grandeur Park Condo is also near to Anglican High (secondary) and Temasek Junior College and Victoria Junior College. These are one of the top tertiary schools in Singapore. Plus, Singapore’s 4th government university, SUTD is situated at Expo too! Singapore’s University of Technology and Design is expecting students from Singapore and other countries. This present an opportunity for tenants who are university students who want to stay near their university.

Dont you want to read the original post.

If you like our blog, dont hesitate to subscribe to our blog!

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Sales Tips: How You Can Sell More Pastries

Image result for Sell More Pastries

If there is one thing you are passionate about, it is food. You know that food can make you happy, food can make you sad and can make you remember some things that you thought you have already forgotten.

Food can be different for you if you are in the food business. You know that you should sell more in order for your business to improve but you do not know how you are going to do that. There are a lot of healthy food meals that are selling well now because of people’s desire to be healthier. People are starting to become healthy not because they want to look good but they know that how long they are going to live their life will also depend on their present health.

One thing that people seem to avoid right now is desserts because they have associated desserts with too much sugar which they know can be bad for them. If you are selling desserts and your sales are not as good as they used to be, what do you think are the things that you can do in order to sell more pastries?

Here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Promote pastries to go.

Desserts that can be brought anywhere and can be eaten someplace else has become popular over the past years probably because people would want to have desserts handy when they start to crave some sweets. There are different desserts that you can place in bottles or cute containers that the general public would surely appreciate.

  1. Sell desserts that look great in photos.

When you have desserts that look great in photos, you are making some people want to take a photo of it so that they can share it through social media. For sure, you do not need the help of seo skills in order to figure this out. When people become interested in what has been posted, they will try to visit you next time and see if the desserts taste good as they look in pictures.

  1. Keep your prices reasonable.

No matter how amazing your desserts are in terms of looks and taste, it will still be hard to promote them and market them properly if they cost a lot of money. The reason why your desserts may be expensive is because of the ingredients but you can always do things to keep the prices of your desserts and pastries reasonable.

If you would like to sell desserts online, you can figure out the ways on how you can do this with ease by checking this video out:

Are you still having a hard time figuring out how you can sell your desserts and pastries? Perhaps you need the help of an SEO company in Singapore in order to give you what you need.

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How to Enjoy Your Food More

You know that eating is a very fun activity because you get to make your senses happy. You can allow your tongue to taste wonderful flavors that you have never felt before. People have gotten accustomed to placing food in their mouth however so what used to be a very nice experience is something that is taken for granted now.

When was the last time that you ate your food mindfully? Can you honestly say that you did not think about anything but the food the last time that you ate? Perhaps you were thinking about math tuition centre AMK because you would like to enroll someone in your family to help them enhance their math skills so you were not really thinking about your food. You were not thinking about what you could possibly get from it.

You are probably not supposed to be thinking about LOB Math Learning Group or anything that may be related to it for that matter. What you are supposed to do is to enjoy your food well and make sure that you will be happy with the things that you will get. Here are the things that you should do:

  • Make sure that you will eat slowly.

You have to remember that in order to enjoy your food properly, you need to eat slowly. How can you taste the food when you are not eating slowly? It will be hard to savor the food when you are not eating properly. If you are used to eating fast, now is the time for you to practice eating slowly. You will be able to enjoy your food more.

  • Put your utensils down.

Having trouble with eating slowly still? You can make eating even slower than usual by making sure that you will put down your utensils whenever you have just taken a bite. You will then bite your food slowly. You will only take your utensils again after you are done with chewing and processing your food.

  • You can count as you chew.

This is one way by which you can apply math to your food. In order to know if the food that you have in your mouth is already fit for swallowing, you need to chew your food 10 times. This will make sure that the food is ready to be swallowed already.

Get details on how you can enjoy your food more from here:

You can enjoy eating more if you are going to do it on your own and if you would be doing it in total silence. You will be surprised with how much you will get to enjoy your food.

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Must Try Singaporean Dishes

There are so many Singaporean dishes that you should try when you go to Singapore. In fact, there are so many that only a few can be added to the list that will be placed here but nevertheless, these are the best Singaporean dishes that you can try. Just imagine eating the right food after a session with Benjamin Loh on public speaking. It will make you feel that you can do well each time.

Whether you would like to become a keynote speaker on public speaker or whether you are a teacher, an engineer, a writer or even the manager of a big company, you should eat food that will fill up your stomach. Without further ado, here are some of the dishes that you should try in Singapore at present time.

  1. Laksa

The love for Laksa has already spread amongst other Asian countries but the fact cannot be denied that the authentic one came from Singapore. The flavors are considered to be similar to Chinese and Malay origins which explains why a lot of people love it. There are different types of Laksa available though so it will be best to get to know the ingredients before you choose the one that is right for you.

  1. Hokkien Mee

Are you into fried noodles? Perhaps you have never tried fried noodles before but you are curious to know more about it. You will not be disappointed when you try out Hokkien Mee because for sure, you will like its exquisite taste. This includes yellow noodles and white noodles which adds to its appeal. This is served with a chili sauce that you can increase depending on how hot you would like it to be. Add calamansi (a citrus fruit popularly used in Asia) to add a sour taste that blends well with the taste of the Hokkien Mee.

  1. Hainanese Chicken

You might say at first glance that it is just boiled chicken until you taste it and realize that it is different from all the chicken dishes that you have tried before. While there is a basic taste that you should look for like the evidence of ginger and sometimes radish, each restaurant in Singapore may serve it differently so you may want to do some research about the different tastes of Singaporean chicken available.

You can get a clearer idea about the best restaurants to try in Singapore by checking this out:

There are still a lot of other Singaporean dishes that you can try. When you get to Singapore, make sure that you will try these dishes along with others. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

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International Cuisine You Ought to Try

Are you a foodie? You are just like a lot of people all over the world who would like to satisfy their taste buds and get to taste various food items. Trying things locally is already normal because these are the items that are closer to home but what if you would be given a chance to travel internationally and try out other cuisines? Don’t you think that this will be good for you?

When you travel, you are learning more about various countries in general. You are immersing yourself in various cultures and in turn, you will be able to think in an open minded manner. You will get to accept the cultural differences of people from all over the world and at the same time, you can taste food you will never get to taste elsewhere.

Some food products can be found in the best restaurants and some are just found on the streets. It may even be near a lighting shop Singapore Balestier. What matters is that you are adventurous enough and you would like to satisfy your craving for new flavors each time.

Here is an example of people trying out foreign dishes for the first time:

  1. Vietnam Spring Rolls

This is grilled pork sausage that is wrapped in rice paper with some vegetables that will never fail to complement the sausage. This usually comes with a dipping sauce that will bring out the flavor even more. This is the recommended food to eat when you wake up early and before sleeping at night. This is because this is a very light dish.

  1. Gnocchi

If you would be going to Uruguay, you cannot stay there without eating Gnocchi. This is made out of potatoes, flour and egg. Right now, there are different variations of this dish but if you want to know how it truly tastes like, better stick to the original Gnocchi first before checking out the other flavors.

  1. Poutine

This Canadian dish is obviously yummy based on the things that it uses as its main ingredients. This is composed of french fries, brown gravy and even cheese curds. A lot of people love this dish but would not say it because well, it is not as healthy compared to other dishes available but if you are searching for the right food to try, you can never go wrong with the poutine.

Are you already excited to travel and check out what the rest of the food the world has to offer? Remember to eat in moderation in order to not gain weight and be wary of the cleanliness of the food you are going to try because you do not want to end up with diarrhea while you are traveling.

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Best Desserts You Ought to Try

You already know that there are certain food products that you just cannot miss. You need to try some food before you die because if not, you would be missing a lot. There are also some desserts around the world that are just worth it. Some of these desserts would require you to make use of the Math tips that you have learned from Brain Matter Mathematics Centre as they may be a bit expensive but others you can purchase with ease.

Here are some of the desserts that you have to try right now:

  • Dulce De Leche

If in case you are not familiar with this, this is usually served in Latin America and this is somewhat the same with Nutella. You know that this is flavored like a milky caramel. While you may prefer to place it with other sugary sweets like ice cream, you may also eat in on its own. Of course, you may only do this if you are not too concerned about the calories that you will consume.

  • Cronut

What do you think is the cronut from? From the name itself, you may probably guess what this is. It is made out of a croissant and a donut. These are just two of the things that people would like to eat in general so you can be sure that a Cronut may be able to offer you what you are searching for. You just need to taste this even once in your lifetime although after tasting it, you may want to eat it again and again.

  • Hawaiian Shave Ice

You may think that this is highly similar to a snow cone but the one that is being offered in Hawaii is entirely different. The ice that is included in this dessert is actually made from a big block of ice so you can guarantee that it is truly shaved. The toppings that will be included in this dessert are highly tropical so you will truly feel that you are in an entirely different place.

  • Submarino A La Argentina

What do you think does a submarine does? It is usually seen in the bottom of the sea in order to explore natural sea creatures. For this dessert, the submarine would be a chocolate bar that will slowly melt as it is placed in warm milk. When the chocolate bar dissolves, stir this and drink with gusto. You would want to have it again for sure.

Now that you already know the different desserts that you ought to try, remember to take into account other things that truly matter such as maths tuition for jc before you actually travel for these desserts. You will always have time to eat these desserts as they will not be phased out for a long time.

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Food You Must Try in the Philippines

The Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands. It is an archipelago that tourists now visit from different parts of the world to check out the various things that it can offer. Aside from the beaches that are well known all over the world for their beauty and mystic, another thing that people look forward to when it comes to the Philippines is the food that they can offer.

While they have dishes that are somewhat similar to nearby countries, they are able to integrate their history to the food that they normally eat. Tourists will surely have a grand time tasting each and every dish available but if in case you only have a limited time to try and of course, a limited storage for the food that you are going to place in your stomach, it will be best if you know the list of food that you have to try.

Here are some of the food products that you will find only in the Philippines:

  1. Adobo

When it comes to the most popular dish, you can be sure that adobo will surely top that list. There are various types of adobo that are available but the regular one is a bit sour and sweet at the same time. It has been said that the concept of making Adobo has been introduced by the Spaniards but the Filipinos were able to cultivate it and make it their own.

  1. Lechon

When it comes to parties in the Philippines, you know that no party will ever be complete without the lechon. The pig that is roasted to perfection that its skin has turned crispy is always an invited guest. There are times when the lechon will be served with sauce but there is also a variety wherein the pig will be stuffed with herbs beforehand which will already make the meat flavorful.

  1. Sisig

This actually started out as an appetizer but since Filipinos love it so much, it has turned into a main dish. While usually eaten with alcoholic beverages, it can be eaten by people who are not into drinking alcohol. This is made out of pig’s ear and face and is garnished with onions, chili and chicken liver.

  1. Balut

No Filipino food list will be complete without adding balut to it. Balut is duck egg and it is considered to be bizarre until people taste it for the first time. Eating it involves having to drink the soup first then eating the embryo or the yellow part of the egg. The hard part of the egg can also be eaten too. It can be perfect with salt and vinegar. Get to know more Filipino food here:

Now that you have a partial list of the food products that you ought to try, you can check them out now. You may like them so much that you cannot help but compare them to beautiful oil paintings by CreativeStrokes that you know you will not see anywhere else.

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Steps In Setting Up A Coffee Shop Business

One can say that running a coffee shop can be fun and fulfilling, but running a coffee shop as a business is another story. With today’s competitive market place, it’s essential to understand all risks for an entrepreneur in order to reap maximum rewards. It takes a lot of knowledge to get through such business to keep it running for a long time. Below are just some pointers to take note of when you are starting up a coffee shop business.

LOCATION – This is the first thing to do. Carefully do thorough research before buying or renting it. Also target areas that has high traffic or a lot people passing by and a place where people aren’t overwhelmed yet with coffee houses.

BUSINESS PLAN – This will be your blueprint of success. The parts to consider in setting this up will include an analysis of your competitors, marketing strategies, a concise overall summary, budget and expenses, a breakdown of your business model and others.

A WORKING CAPITAL – Starting a new business takes time to start generating positive cash flow, so therefore you need to find and ensure a working capital for you to make it through the first or two tough years. Find good loan options.

SET UP ACCOUNTS – If your business will be accepting debit or credit cards, then you will need a merchant account for this. Carefully choose the best provider for your business and to do that, you can compare them.

GET GOOD COFFEE – Do not focus on offering too many coffees but instead focus on giving good quality coffee. Also find an alternative source for your supply of coffee in case the main source runs out or becomes unavailable due to some reasons.

SET UP A GOOD AMBIENCE – Make your coffee shop warm and comfortable as possible. Ask from friends or relatives for some advice or hire a decorator. Choose pleasant and soothing music. You can also offer free Wi-Fi service as well.

FOCUS ON GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE – As a coffee shop, it is only normal to offer good customer service. Hire people that has pleasing personality and train them well.

LONGER OPENING HOURS – You might want to consider this one because there are people who comes in at later hours. You can also give specials and promos for later crowd customers.

You can also take a look at the video below for more advice on running a coffee shop

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