Running Your Cafe's Successfully

Creative Ways To Earn More From Your Cafe Other Than Serving Food

Cafes are popping out every now and then. People are looking at opening cafes with their favourite themes and hoping to attract tons of customers to their cafe, bringing them lots of businesses day in day out.


Okay. that’s not going to happen. To be really honest, it can be really hard to get customers into your cafes, filling up all the seats at every hour. Now, even if there are lots of customers, will you be profitable? Because not everyone who come into your cafe will spend enough to cover your rent!

So, what can you do to increase your revenue of your cafe?

Here are some ideas for you:

1) Corporate Events

So you have a cafe space. You can either wait for 1 customer to come in one by one… or you can get 30 people to patronise your cafe all at the same time! That means using your cafe as a venue for corporate events!

Corporate events such as birthday parties, Management meetings, Casual meetings, business presentations, company talks, and more. If your space is big enough, you can even have companies doing presentation skills training there!

With corporate events, you can earn slightly more. What’s better, you can get people to come your store, at those low-peak hours of 2pm to 6pm. These are the timings where people are at work, and not at cafes. Use this period to make some money with corporate events!

2) Enrichment classes

Similar to corporate events, enrichment classes are for kids! Now, don’t laugh that kids are not your target audience for your cafe food. Yes, they may not be interested in drinking gourmet coffee. But they may like your venue!

What’s more, there are many educational centres, like some math tuition centres at Bishan, always looking for avenues to bring their children to learn out of the textbook. It is one thing to just memorise facts in books, the Singapore Way, and it is another to let the kids experience learning on their own. With a big venue like your cafe, you can rent them out to these educational centres for their classes

3) Food Classes

Hey, you run a cafe serving awesome food right? Why not hold classes for interested people to learn how to make awesome food that you served at your cafe? Whatever food that people buy from you, there will certainly be a group of people who like to make them. Given that you have your chef in house making the cakes, why not take some extra time, earn extra money, by teaching them how to make their own cakes? You will be surprised. There will be lots of people willing to learn from you!

So there you go!

Running a cafe business is not easy. Given the high rental in Singapore, plus tons of new cafes popping up, you are going to face lots of competition. But with the 3 ideas above, you can surely win more than others!

Thomas Swender

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