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Food You Must Try in the Philippines

The Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands. It is an archipelago that tourists now visit from different parts of the world to check out the various things that it can offer. Aside from the beaches that are well known all over the world for their beauty and mystic, another thing that people look forward to when it comes to the Philippines is the food that they can offer.

While they have dishes that are somewhat similar to nearby countries, they are able to integrate their history to the food that they normally eat. Tourists will surely have a grand time tasting each and every dish available but if in case you only have a limited time to try and of course, a limited storage for the food that you are going to place in your stomach, it will be best if you know the list of food that you have to try.

Here are some of the food products that you will find only in the Philippines:

  1. Adobo

When it comes to the most popular dish, you can be sure that adobo will surely top that list. There are various types of adobo that are available but the regular one is a bit sour and sweet at the same time. It has been said that the concept of making Adobo has been introduced by the Spaniards but the Filipinos were able to cultivate it and make it their own.

  1. Lechon

When it comes to parties in the Philippines, you know that no party will ever be complete without the lechon. The pig that is roasted to perfection that its skin has turned crispy is always an invited guest. There are times when the lechon will be served with sauce but there is also a variety wherein the pig will be stuffed with herbs beforehand which will already make the meat flavorful.

  1. Sisig

This actually started out as an appetizer but since Filipinos love it so much, it has turned into a main dish. While usually eaten with alcoholic beverages, it can be eaten by people who are not into drinking alcohol. This is made out of pig’s ear and face and is garnished with onions, chili and chicken liver.

  1. Balut

No Filipino food list will be complete without adding balut to it. Balut is duck egg and it is considered to be bizarre until people taste it for the first time. Eating it involves having to drink the soup first then eating the embryo or the yellow part of the egg. The hard part of the egg can also be eaten too. It can be perfect with salt and vinegar. Get to know more Filipino food here:

Now that you have a partial list of the food products that you ought to try, you can check them out now. You may like them so much that you cannot help but compare them to beautiful oil paintings by CreativeStrokes that you know you will not see anywhere else.

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